Acommodation & Transport


The JCI Nordic Academy 2018 will take place at Munkedamshuset deep in the forrest near the lovely town of Sorø. Most of our sessions will take place here, but we will also be visiting locations in Sorø during the academy. If you will be making the trip to Denmark in car the adress is:

Suserupvej 22, 4180 Sorø


The nearest airport is Copenhagen Airport situated about an hour from Sorø. From here there are direct trains to Sorø Station, where you will be picked up by members of the academy team. You can find plane tickets here and check for train connections here. If you have any questions regarding transportation - please just ask.


Sorø is a town in the western part of Zealand - the same island where also Copenhagen is situated. In the town itself around 8.000 people live, and the whole area counts around 30.000 heads.


JCI Danmark 2018